More Picture Books to Make You Look Closely

howtocatchamouseOnce again I can’t help but be charmed by picture books that make readers look closely at the illustrations to get the full story. Last fall I shared Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and My Teacher is a Monster along with a few others that fit this theme in this post, and this year I have more to add to my growing list.

In How to Catch a Mouse by Philippa Leathers, Clemmie is a very confident cat. She knows all the signs of a mouse’s presence, and she is sure that there is no mouse in her house. Even so, she is on the lookout for anything suspicious. Unfortunately, Clemmie isn’t as observant or fearsome as she thinks, and readers will spot the mouse on most pages as Clemmie proclaims the house mouse-free. The cute illustrations, the lovable characters, and the fun of being in on the secret will make this book a winner for storytime audiences, especially if it includes cat-lovers. (9780763669126. April 2015. Gr. Ps-1)

lizardfromtheparkMark Pett’s new picture book, Lizard from the Park, tells the story of a lonely little boy who takes a shortcut through the deepest, darkest part of the park one day. There he finds an unusual egg and takes it home with him. He is delighted when a lizard hatches from the egg, and the two become great friends as they explore the city together. The only problem is that the lizard grows quickly, and the bigger he gets, the more difficult it is to keep him happy (and unnoticed!) in the city. Soon Leonard realizes that he will have to find a new home for his lizard friend. His creative solution will delight young readers, and those who have looked closely throughout the book will cheer when Leonard finally meets the little boy who has been curious about Leonard and his lizard throughout the book. Readers familiar with New York City will also enjoy spotting some of the sights as Leonard and his lizard explore. This is a quiet, thoughtful story that has a lot to offer. (9781442483217. Sept 2015. Gr. K-2)

icecreamsummerIce Cream Summer by Peter Sis is a fantastic celebration of the cold summer treat that is full of fascinating facts about ice cream throughout. Joe writes to his grandfather about his summer, “But don’t worry, I am not forgetting about school. I read every day. I am conquering big words like tornado and explosion.” What Joe doesn’t say in his letter is that he is reading the flavor selection at his local ice cream shop, which includes mango explosion and cherry tornado. Joe has a one track mind. Every subject from history to math has some connection to ice cream. It is a fun story that is as much about research and learning as it is about summer time. This will be a great choice for a classroom as an end-of-year read or an inspiration for letter writing. (9780545731614. May 2015. Gr. K-2)


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