Review: Watch Out for Flying Kids!

Watch out for flying kidsYoung performers of Circus Harmony in St. Louis, Missouri and the Galilee Circus in Israel pushed the boundaries of working together. Since  many of us have been in awe of the acrobatic feats of circus entertainers, this book will add a new dimension.

The athletic and aesthetic movements and skills of these circus performers built literal bridges or arches between humans and their collaborative effort made metaphorical bridges between cultures. The troupe consisted of inner-city teenagers from America and Arabs and Jews from Israel. They represented various religions, income levels and races. The award-winning author spent time cultivating information from each individual that created a social circus by training together to juggle responsibilities, positively showing those who doubted it would work from two continents and also deftly handling religion and politics. Their perseverance and hard work paid off, yielding a lasting effect on their lives and the positive ripple effect it created.

Many cities such as St. Paul, Minnesota have regional acrobatic troupes, such as  Circus Juventas as well as internationally known Cirque du Soleil and Shen Yun Performing Arts, to name a few. Young readers can live the life of teen circus acrobats while reading this inspirational book! The beautiful photographs in this book capitalize their experience and bring readers into the moment with the performers that established a motivational community. One performer said it well that “circus is not about competition. It’s about art and getting better.” What a great concept!

Watch Out for Flying Kids! How Two Circuses, Two Countries and Nine Kids Confront Conflict and Build Community by Cynthia Levinson. 9781561458219. 2015. Gr. 6-8

Blogger: Leslie E.