Review: Burning Midnight

0553534106_01_LZZZZZZZBurning Midnight has been my latest book that I have brought with me everywhere to read whenever I have time. This book has an intriguing premise about the near future where colored spheres have appeared throughout the entire world. When a person finds a matching pair of two spheres they can raise them to their head and it will result in gaining a new ability. The abilities that are gained are only within the bounds of what humans can already do, so no one is gaining the ability to read minds or fly, but people can gain a photographic memory, can breathe underwater for a long time, or sing beautifully. There are many other abilities that are available and there are different rarity levels to the spheres. A rarity one level sphere can be worth around one hundred dollars and rarity eight or nine can be worth millions.

The protagonist of this book is, David Sullivan, or Sully, who discovered the Cherry Red spheres which brought about the second wave of spheres appearing around the world. Sully lost out the millions he could have earned with his Cherry Red when the buyer, Alex Holliday, didn’t gain any special abilities and he withdrew his offer. As a result, Sully and his mother live paycheck to paycheck with the real possibility of having to move in to a family member’s basement soon. To earn extra money, Sully works at a flea market to sell spheres, but all he has been able to find are rarity one and twos of late. They aren’t bringing in the money he and his mother need, so he joins up with a fellow sphere enthusiast, Hunter to find the higher rarity level spheres. The two spend nights searching through water towers in Brooklyn when they come across a Gold sphere, a color that has never been found before. This results in Alex Holliday threatening Sully and Hunter to buy the sphere and he will stop at nothing to get it from them, but the two are determined to find the matching sphere.

I have always enjoyed reading books about people gaining super powers or new abilities and this book certainly fits within that niche for me. The characters that McIntosh has written are very believable characters and, as a reader, you become sympathetic to their struggles and want them to succeed over characters like, Alex Holliday. Burning Midnight will appeal to both boys and girl readers, with Sully being the protagonist readers really delve into the struggles and hopes for him and there is romance with Hunter to appeal to girls. Another bonus to this book is that is doesn’t have a trilogy planned. The story wraps up nicely at the end of this one, which is such a relief with the influx of books that have a trilogy or series attached.

Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh. 9780553534108. February 2nd, 2016. Gr 8-12.

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