Series Review: Bear & Hare

bearandharegofishMeet Bear and Hare, the two friends at the heart of Emily Gravett’s delightful new picture book series. Fans of Gravett’s clever stories and deliberate pacing will appreciate these simple stories.

The first book is about Bear’s idea of a good time: going fishing. Hare isn’t interested in going fishing, but he goes along with his friend anyway. The illustrations and the text are very simple, but you’ll want to look closely at the illustrations because it is there that the book truly comes to life. We watch as Hare is stuck carrying all the supplies and how he keeps himself entertained as his friend fishes. Then we see Bear eventually lose interest in fishing and fall asleep. He misses seeing Hare catch a fish unintentionally, but of course Bear wakes up just in time to catch the excitement. There’s a gentle suspense to the story as page turns reveal the results of bear’s attempt to catch a fish,

bearandharesnowThe tables are turned in the second adventure, which is about Hare’s idea of a good time: playing in the snow. The simple text gives readers the facts, and the illustrations give a sense of emotion. Look closely! You’ll see that Bear is not enjoying the snowy adventure.

You probably already know that I love picture books where the illustrations tell us details the text leaves unsaid, which I’ve featured here and here, and this series certainly falls into that category. I can’t wait to see what adventures await these two in future installments of the series. Watch for Where’s Bear? in April and Share! in July.

I love that the language in these books is simple enough for new readers, but the visual story is complex and engaging regardless of reading level. In a classroom, these books could be used to explore foreshadowing, talk about perspective, or just share a friendship story that kids will appreciate. How ever you decide to use them, these are books not to be missed!


Bear & Hare Go Fishing by Emily Gravett. 9781481422895. July 2015. Gr. Ps-2

Bear & Hare: Snow! by Emily Gravett. 9781481445146. Nov 2015. Gr. Ps-2

Bear & Hare: Where’s Bear? by Emily Gravett. 9781481456159. April 2016. Gr. Ps-2

Bear & Hare: Share! by Emily Gravett. 9781481462174. July 2016. Gr. Ps-2


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