The Ides Of March (Election 2016)

On March 15th in the year 44 BC, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated at a meeting of the Roman Senate. Legend has it that mere months before his fateful death, Caesar was warned by a fortune teller to “beware the ides of March”, otherwise known as the strong political forces that seem to rise up in the spring of each year:

julius1  julious2  julius3  julius4

Who Was Julius Caesar? by Nico Medina. 9780448480831. 2014. Grade 3-5.

Julius Caesar: Dictator for Life by Denise Rinaldo. 9780531223314. 2016. Grade 7-10.

Death of Caesar by Barry Strauss. 9781451668810. 2016. Grade 10-Adult.

The Ides of March by Thornton Wilder. 9780062232670. 2014. Grade YA-Adult.


In these more civilized times, the “Ides of March” are (hopefully) not defined by assassinations or otherwise loss of life.  With 2016 being an election year, however, it will certainly not be without its share of political intrigue.  By examining/ordering these titles now, you can easily have them in your collection for the start of next fall’s school year, when the process will be “full steam ahead”!


It all starts with the very concept of an election itself:

election1  election2  election3  election4  election5

What Are Elections? by Jennifer Boothroyd. 9781467785761. 2016. Grade K-2.

How Political Campaigns and Elections Work by Kevin Cunningham. 9781624036330. 2015. Grade 3-6.

Voters: From Primaries to Decision Night by Robert Grayson. 9781467779111. 2015. Grade 6-8.

The 21st Century Voter by Guido H. Stempel. 9781610692274. 2016. Grade 9-Adult.

Guide to U.S. Elections by Deborah S. Kalb. 9781483380360. 2016. Grade 11-Adult.


Political parties also play an enormous role in election politics:

party1  party2  party3  party4

Asking Questions About Political Campaigns by Nancy E. Weiss. 9781633624900. 2016. Grade 5-8.

Political Parties: From Nominations to Victory Celebrations by Stephanie McPherson. 9781467779104. 2015. Grade 6-8.

Republican Party by Noah Berlatsky. 9780737772845. 2015. Grade 8-12.

Democratic Party by Noah Berlatsky. 9780737772531. 2015. Grade 8-12.


Even more specifically, this is a presidential election cycle, meaning that the top spot in all national government, Commander-in-Chief, will be up for grabs in November:

pres1  pres2  pres3  pres4  pres5

Timeline of Presidential Elections by Barbara Krasner. 9781491482391. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Presidential Politics by the Numbers by Mary Hertz Scarbrough. 9781491482384. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts by Syl Sobel. 9781438006918. 4/1/2016. Grade 4-6.

American Government: Office of the President by John Perritano. 9781680211214. 2016. Grade 7-12.

Presidents Fact Book by Roger Matuz. 9781579129897. 2015. Grade 9-Adult.


Not to be left out are the actual candidates in the running for a new 2016 White House address.  Candidates have risen and fallen over the past year, but these five look to be in the thick of things until the very end:

can1  can2  can3  can4  can5

American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone by Marco Rubio. 9781595231130. 2015.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Woman Living History by Karen Blumenthal. 9781250060143. 2016. Grade 10-Adult.

Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again by Donald J. Trump. 9781501137969. 2015.

Outsider in the White House by Bernie Sanders. 9781784784188. 2015.

Time For Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America by Ted Cruz. 9780062365613. 2015.


Finally, I’ll leave you with some lighthearted entries within the presidential election sphere.  If you can’t laugh about politics from time to time, it will probably be the death of you.  Just ask Julius Caesar…

fun1  fun2  fun3  fun4

Presidential Misadventures: Poems That Poke Fun by Bob Raczka. 9781596439801. 2015. Grade 3-6.

What’s It Like To Be The President’s Kid? by Kathleen Connors. 9781482411003. 2015. Grade 2-5.

#Presidents: Follow The Leaders by John Bailey Owen. 9780545849388. 2015. Grade 4-6.

Your Presidential Fantasy Dream Team by Daniel O’Brien. 9780553537482. 7/12/2016. Grade 4-6.


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