True Crime

I am a big fan of mysteries, especially when the characters are real and I have been interested in the psychology behind the criminal and their crimes. I loved listening to the edge-of-your-seat mysteries on the podcast Serial and my favorite type of shows on my Netflix recommendations are criminal investigations. While my enjoyment of mysteries doesn’t always cross over into my love of books, I do enjoy reading the occasional suspenseful novel (like Nick Lake novels) and I think its great when there is a deep mystery that keeps me turning the pages in my love for all things fantastical. I have come across a few books that other readers who share my interest in mysteries can enjoy.

Borden MurdersOne of the most well known murderers in history is Lizzie Borden and the murder of her father and step-mother with an axe. This book profiles the case and the multitude of factors that worked to make this crime spotlighted. Miller includes the history of the Borden family life, police proceedings, and the multitude of gossip involved in the case that helped put it into the spotlight. Miller gives readers clips of newspapers, photographs, and teaches readers about how life and crime was handled in 1892 that really allows readers to dive into the mystery and become engrossed in determining Lizzie’s guilt themselves. Although readers may already know the outcome of the case, this book slowly gives new pieces of information with each chapter that will keep the readers turning the pages to determine for themselves what really happened. This book will appeal to others who enjoyed the Serial podcasts, as each chapter can be seen as a new episode.

Borden Murders : Lizzie Borden & The Trial of the Century by Sarah Miller. 9780553498080. Jan 2016. Gr 7-12.

0766072983_01_LZZZZZZZI have a weird fascination with serial killers and their motivating factors into what made them commit their horrific crimes. It seems as though every investigation into each serial killer is its own suspenseful mystery and how the killers ultimately were caught. I have come across this new series, “The Psychology of Serial Killers”, that will fulfill the interest of the niche of readers that are interested in these killers, as I am. Each book in this series has a table of contents that they divide the killers up into that are usually the motives for their crimes or who they primarily killed. Within each chapter every serial killer is individually profiled where their crimes are detailed and how they were eventually captured. If readers quickly flip through the book it is very easy to pick out where each profile begins because of the dark, red pages. At the beginning of each profile they list the name of the killer, their date of birth, profession, motive, date of capture, and date of death or how long their jail sentence is. At the end of each profile they list the danger signs, pattern of crime, and number of victims that can give readers a little snapshot into each of these killers profiled. I think this series will find those readers who are interested in psychology and true crime.

Modern-Day Serial Killers by Don Rauf. 9780766072985. Jan 2016. Gr 9-12.

Medical Serial Killers by Sara L. Latta. 9780766072961.

Cannibal Serial Killers by Nicki Peter Petrikowski. 9780766072824.

Historical Serial Killers by Don Rauf. 9780766072909.

Female Serial Killers by Don Rauf. 9780766072886.


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