New Fantasy Fiction

Some brand new (or soon to be released) fantasy titles have come across my desk recently and all have received positive or starred reviews from a review journal. I have mentioned in my previous blog posts that I am an avid reader of fantasy and the titles below really drew me in with the world created in the story and/or characters that are worth rooting for. I am including three fantasy titles below that pulled me in with their initial summaries and then was swept away by the world created by the authors.

The Glittering CourtElizabeth Whitmore’s life is constantly in motion which she has no control over. When her Grandmama set up a betrothal to her distant cousin, a barley plantation owner, she despises where her life is headed toward. Elizabeth joins a meeting with her maid, Ada, who has been recruited to join The Glittering Court, which will train them to be an upper-class woman in the new world, Adoria, and marry into a wealthy family. Elizabeth decides to take the place of Ada and call herself, Adelaide and join The Glittering Court in an adventure of her lifetime. But, the New World and The Glittering Court isn’t entirely what she expected and when she begins to develop an attraction to Cedric, the son of the owner of The Glittering Court. This fantasy world has a lot of similarities to The Selection trilogy, but its setting that could very well be our own world in the distant past. Adelaide is a strong character who stands up for her friends and believes in having her own voice and her story will keep readers turning the pages to find out what happens to Adelaide’s life.

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. 9781595148414. April 2016. Gr 9-12.

EverlandSpinale has created a steampunk retelling of the Peter Pan fairy tale. Germany is ruled by the ruthless Bloodred Queen and she has her mind set on conquering the world. She has sent her son, Hanz Otto Oswald Kretschmer (aka Hook) to conquer England where he has unleashed a deadly virus that has devastated the country’s population by killing adults and many children. Gwen and her siblings are on the run from Hook’s Marauders who seek to capture children who are considered immune to the disease. There is one child in particular they are hunting for who is the one child whose blood will help develop a cure. When Gwen’s sister, Joanna, is captured by the Marauders she joins up with Pete and Bella to find her sister and bring down Hook. The steampunk world created is a unique setting to tell the Peter Pan fairy tale and doesn’t let up on the action to move the plot along to their Happily Ever After.

Everland by Wendy Spinale. 9780545836944. May 10th, 2016. Gr 7-10.

Crown's GameSet in 19-century Russia the tsar has initiated the Crown’s Game which will determine who will become his Imperial Enchanter, while the other is sentenced to death. Two Enchanters have been born, Vika and Nikolai, both with powerful abilities that the tsar will need on his side when the Ottomans or Kazakhs threatening Russia. The Crown’s Game is an intense set of tasks for both enchanters to showcase their abilities for the tsar. Once Vika and Nikolai meet and also meet with the tsar heir, Pasha, a love-triangle begins to develop. However, while some readers may be tired of this old trope, the action in the Crown’s Game and the old world Russian setting quickly move the plot along and readers will want to find out who becomes the Imperial Enchanter. The end of the book is set up for more books to come, so readers can look forward to more in this fantasy world.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. 9780062422583. May 17th. 2016. Gr 9-12.

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