How You Play The Game(s)

Not long ago, fellow blogger Anna featured some videogame-centric titles in this post.  While reading that entry, it really got me thinking about some of the great memories I also experienced as a “gaming kid”.  Having been born in 1985 (the year the first “grey box” Nintendo hit American shores), video games have always been a part of my life.  In jest (partially 🙂 ), I’ve always said that one of the things I’ll remember until my final breath is the pass code to get to Mr. Dream in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!” (it’s 007-373-5963 in case that wasn’t obvious information for everyone 😉 ) While I don’t play now as much as I used to (though Madden football with my brothers is still a staple each fall!), I’m also never too far from dabbling in whatever console is the hot new thing.

So, in addition to Anna’s post, I would like to provide some nonfiction titles relating to video games and how they are impacting society in a variety of ways.  Things have come oh so far from the beeps, boops, bits, and bytes of my childhood!

Let’s start with some books that give a general overview of the video game medium…

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A Brief History Of Video Games by Richard Stanton. 9780762456154. 2015.

Game On: 2016! 9780545850315. 2015. Grade 4-6.

The History Of Video Games by Lydia Bjornlund. 9781601527462. 2015. Grade 7-12.

Economics Of A Video Game by Kathryn Hulick. 9780778779704. 2014. Grade 5-8.

Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. 9780062276704. 2015.

American Life And Video Games: From Pong To Minecraft by Kathryn Hulick. 9781502619754. 08/15/2016. Grade 7-12.

The Video Game Guide by Matt Fox. 9780786472574. 2013. Grade 10-Adult.

Guinness World Records 2016: Gamer’s Edition. 9781910561096. 2015. Grade 6-Adult.


Video games have not always had a sterling reputation within the educational community, so here are some titles that look at gaming from all different angles (pros and cons):

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Video Games by Hayley Mitchell Haugen. 9781599536019. 2015. Grade 5-8.

Video Games: Yes Or No by Erin Palmer. 9781634304498. 2016. Grade K-3.

Asking Questions About Video Games by Marie Powell. 9781633625075. 2016. Grade 5-8.

Are Video Games Harmful? by Andrea Nakaya. 9781682820704. 08/01/2016. Grade 6-12.

How Do Video Games Affect Society? by Patricia D Netzley. 9781601527486. 2015. Grade 7-12.

Brain-Boosting Benefits Of Gaming by Arie Kaplan. 9781467712514. 2014. Grade 5-8.

Death By Video Game by Simon Parkin. 9781612195407. 06/21/2016.

The Game Believes In You by Greg Toppo. 9781137279576. 2015.


In terms of careers, “Video Game Developer/Designer” is booming right now…

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Wonderful Worlds Of A Video Game Designer by Ruth Owen. 9781910549322. 2016. Grade 3-6.

Video Game Designer by Kevin Cunningham. 9781633625679. 2016. Grade 4-7.

Crazy Careers Of Video Game Designers by Arie Kaplan. 9781467712491. 2014. Grade 5-8.

Careers For Tech Girls In Gaming And Video Game Development by Laura La Bella. 9781499461077. 2015. Grade 7-12.

Video Game Design by Kezia Endsley. 9781502601131. 2015. Grade 8-12.


There are even a lot of unique titles about how games are made, who produces them, and the intricate worlds within them…

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How Do Video Games Work? by L. Carmichael. 9781467783132. 2016. Grade K-2.

Inventing The Video Game by Heather Adamson. 9781634074629. 2016. Grade 3-6.

Minecraft: Blockopedia. 9780545820110. 2014. Grade 2-Adult.

Minecraft: Beginner’s Guide by James Zeiger. 9781634705202. 2016. Grade 4-8.

The Business Behind The Makers Of Minecraft by Chris Martin. 9781512405897. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Nintendo by Sara Green. 9781626173507. 2016. Grade 3-6.

Nintendo Video Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto by Kari Cornell. 9781467795319. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Call Of Duty: Vince Zampella, Grant Collier, & Jason West by Jennifer Culp. 9781477779231. 2015. Grade 7-12.


Finally, here are a few more fiction/memoir titles that gamers could easily get sucked into…

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Game Over, Pete Watson by Joe Schreiber. 9780544439412. 2015. Grade 4-6.

Josh Baxter Levels Up by Gavin Brown. 9780545772945. 2016. Grade 4-7.

The 13th Floor by Scott R. Welvaert. 9781632350565. 2015. Grade 6-8.

Press Start To Play by Daniel H. Wilson. 9781101873304. 2015.

Aftermath by Jen Alexander. 9780373211326. 2014. Grade 9-12.

Game Slaves by Gard Skinner. 9780544439443. 2015. Grade 9-12.

Ascending The Boneyard by C.G. Watson. 9781481431842. 2016. Grade 9-12.

Gamelife: A Memoir by Michael W. Clune. 9780865478282. 2015.


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