Talk Like An Animal

When animals talk in an easy picture book, they often do so to teach us human values or lessons in proper behavior.  Such is the case with the picture books listed below, all of which are new publications.  With a talking animal, children can gently see how actions and feelings are displayed and introspectively contemplate a change in their own interactions. It’s almost like a little fairy is talking in their ear planting a message. We adults shouldn’t fear change either, as human synergy in a positive vein goes a long way for a more productive way of life. Enjoy the messages animals create in the children’s books to teach us a better way to relate to others.

Can I tell you a secretFrankie the BlankieOur love growsHide-and Scare Bear






Can I Tell You a Secret? by Anna Kang ( Christopher Weyant). 9780062396846. 2016. Gr K-1.

A secret little frog has been carrying in his heart for awhile comes out due to the gentle kindness of a friend that encourages him to tell his parents that he is afraid of the water and cannot swim. He gets the help he needs and his confidence grows. Beaming with thankfulness, a new friendship grows.

Frankie the Blankie by Jennifer Sattler. 9781619636750. 2016. Gr PS-1.

Doris, the ape, has a beautiful blanket that comes with her wherever she goes until a bully teases her about being a baby that has to carry a blankie. This action forces her to think fast.  The blanket cleverly becomes many different items including a kite, which impresses others and she is now valued by her creativity and uniqueness, thus helping her to make new friends.

Our Love Grows by Anna Pignataro. 9781492634188. 2016. Gr PS-1.

Baby panda needs reassurance that his Mom will continue to love him no matter what his infractions are as he grows up or wherever he goes. The book contains very endearing pictures of a Mother’s love.

Hide-And –Scare Bear by Ivan Bates. 9780763681814. 2016. Gr PS-2.

A bear comes into social situations and is very loud and prominent!  Little rabbit teaches him how to better fit into groups and be more likable if he has better manners. Bear takes it to heart.

Blue & BertieMouse who reached the skyFriend for MoleBe Your Own Dog-Teddy the Dog







Blue & Bertie by Kristyna Litten.  9781481461542. 2016. Gr PS-1.

Bertie, the giraffe, belongs to a large “tower” of giraffes that always do the same thing at the same time each day. One day, she oversleeps and frantically cannot find her group. Blue, a giraffe that looks different than she does, helps her to view things through a more open lens.  Her friend helps  Bertie locate her group, thus creating a sense of belonging for Blue, who is now accepted as well.

Mouse Who Reached the Sky by Petr Horacek. 9780763679163. 2016. Gr PS-1.

When mouse views a red orb in the tree, it is perceived by her many friends as various different objects from a ball, to a balloon, to a marble.  With teamwork and an accidental fall, the apples tumble out of the tree, revealing what the red orb really is.

A Friend for Mole by Nancy Armo. Peachtree, 9781561458653. 2016. Gr PS-K.

While in his burrow, mole feels comfortable and secure.  After venturing out, he falls asleep and is astounded how fearful he is of the dark, only to find a young wolf that is also afraid of the dark.  They help each other with creative games to make it through until morning, when they realize they are friends and have lost their nighttime fears.

Be Your Own Dog, Teddy the Dog by Keri Clairborne Boyle ( ill. Jonathan Sneider). 9780062382832. 2016. Gr K-2.

Teddy the dog is complacent and content with his easy going life, with no worries or responsibilities until a cat is delivered at their door.  Containing no return address, Teddy takes it upon himself to teach this cat some of his diva dog ways, to no avail. While trying to change the cat, Teddy sees that Fishbreath, the cat, needs to be who he was meant to be…a cat. They learn it is important to accept each other for who they are.


Blogger: Leslie E.