Summer + Water = Fun!

As a youngster, my June-August months were spent at my grandparents’ lake cabin (pictured above) in the little north-MN town of Aitkin, MN.  While “the cabin” offered a variety of activities in which to while away the summer (4-wheelers, kayaks, water skis, fishing, etc.), one could usually find me inside the water rather than on top of it.  Simply put, I loved to swim…often staying in the water for hours on end!

Thus, even though I don’t get up to the cabin now as much as I used to, summer still is (and always will be) synonymous with water to me.  With that in mind (and with summer right around the corner for students), I would like to present some books–both fiction/easy & nonfiction–that focus on the many different ways swimming can be enjoyed…from recreation to participation on sporting teams.

Roughly 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water…why be bound to that “other 29%”?!

First up, let’s look at some books that lay the groundwork for swimming enjoyment & skills:

swim1 swim2  swim3 swim4 swim1

Swimming by Aaron Carr. 9781489617712. 2014. Grade K-2.

Swimming Is Fun! by Robin Nelson. 9781467711067. 2014. Grade K-2.

Swimming by Allen Morey. 9781620311820. 2015. Grade K-3.

You Can Be A Swimmer by Alix Wood. 9781482402872. 2014. Grade 3-5.

Swimming: Steps To Success by Scott Bay. 9781492508441. 2016. Grade 8-Adult.


Swimming can also be related to math and science topics, including one title looking at how water parks are a great destination as well:

swim2 swim3 swim4 swim6

Swimming By The Numbers by Desiree Bussiere. 9781617838460. 2014. Grade PS-1.

Science Behind Swimming Diving, And Other Water Sports. 9781491481578. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Science Of A Flip Turn by Tamra B. Orr. 9781633625839. 2016. Grade 5-8.

Water Parks by S. L. Hamilton. 9781624037542. 2016. Grade 4-8.


The summer of 2016 will see Rio de Janeiro host the Summer Olympics, featuring a plethora of swimming events & competitors:

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Swimming & Diving by Allan Morey. 9781607538097. 2016. Grade 2-4.

Animal Swimming & Diving by Isabel Thomas. 9781410980922. 2016. Grade 1-3.

Great Moments In Olympic Swimming & Diving by Karen Rosen. 9781624033995. 2015. Grade 5-8.

Missy Franklin by Tammy Gagne. 9781612284538. 2014. Grade PS-2.

Michael Phelps by Pamela McDowell. 9781621273912. 2014. Grade 4-6.


Easy-reader titles for the kiddies can help focus on learning to swim and water safety:

swim5 e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6 e7

Be Safe Around Water by Bridget Heos. 9781607534488. 2015. Grade K-2.

Swimming, Swimming by Gary Clement. 9781554984497. 2015. Grade PS-3.

Peppa Goes Swimming. 9780545834919. 2015. Grade PS-1.

Brown Bear’s Dream by Yunyeong Kim. 9781599536460. 2015. Grade K-2.

Cork & Fuzz: The Swimming Lesson by Dori Chaconas. 9780448480510. 2014. Grade 1-3.

Splash Down! by Sharon Callen. 9781480711358. 2014. Grade K-3.

Dino-Swimming by Lisa Wheeler. 9781467702140. 2015. Grade K-3.

Pool by Lee Jihyeon. 9781452142944. 2015. Grade PS-K.


Finally, here are some fiction books–and one biography–that weave stories around swimming (primarily of the competitive variety):

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Galaxy Zack: Drake Makes A Splash by Ray O’Ryan. 9781442493612. 2014. Grade K-2.

Pool Panic by Jake Maddox. 9781496526182. 2016. Grade 3-5.

Swimming The Distance by Jake Maddox. 9781434296375. 2015. Grade 3-5.

Annaleise Carr: How I Conquered Lake Ontario… by Annaleise Carr. 9781459406322. 2014. Grade 5-8.

Signed, Skye Harper by Carol Lynch Williams. 9781481400336. 2015. Grade 7-12.

In Deep by Terra Elan McVoy. 9781481401371. 2015. Grade 9-12.

A Matter Of Heart by Amy Fellner Dominy. 9780385744447. 2016. Grade 9-12.

Dryland by Sara Jaffe. 9781941040133. 2015. Grade 10-Adult.


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