Review: Little Cat’s Luck

littlecatLittle Cat’s Luck by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by Jennifer Bell. 9781481424882. 2016. Gr. 3-6

Though Patches is a full grown cat, she is small and a little bit naïve about life outside of her comfortable home with the little girl who belongs to her. She is also very inquisitive. One day that inquisitive nature, along with a desire to find a special place all her own, leads her through a window to the outside world.  That is the beginning of an adventure that is full of surprises for Patches.

Once outside, Patches loses track of her comfortable home with the girl who belongs to her still in search of that special place. Readers with knowledge of cats may pick up on the subtle clues about why Patches is so focused on this special place, but others will be surprised by the eventual reveal. After she realizes that she is lost, Patches makes friends with a mouse (admittedly, not a very cat-like thing to do, but the mouse is just so polite Patches couldn’t have him for dinner, could she?) and a very helpful squirrel before she finds a very unadvisable special place—the doghouse of the meanest dog in town. Not to worry, though! All is well in this tale of unexpected friendship and compassion for animals.

The story is told in verse by a narrator whose asides about feline behavior and warnings about what lies ahead add humor and charm. Occasional concrete poetry elements share a playfulness that keep the story interesting and engaging despite its slow pace and relatively gentle action.

Little Cat’s Luck will surely find an appreciative audience among animal lovers, but I imagine that any young reader looking for a heartwarming, easy-to-read adventure will love it. Classroom teachers will find a lot to work with here—concrete poetry, descriptive language, and plenty of discussion points about animal/pet care, friendship, and other important topics.

Get a peek inside the book in this trailer:


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