Holding Out For A (Super) Hero

With the calendar about to flip into August, we are most definitely entering the “dog days of summer”.  In the entertainment industry, this time period is smack dab in the middle of “superhero season”.  With no school in session, kids and young adults are free to frequent the local cinema or enjoy the comfort of their couch & Netflix subscription.  What is the favorite entertainment option of choice?  For the last decade or so, that answer has been “superheroes”.

From DC (Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman) to Marvel (Avengers) and everything in between (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), superhero fare shows no signs of slowing down.  So, this is a great time to showcase some of our top superhero titles.  I could produce oodles and oodles of superhero stories/comics, but in this post I’ll just be focusing on the absolute newest and most relevant material.

Right out of the chute, let’s meet some of the characters that populate these superhero worlds…

char1 char2 char3 char4 char5 char6 char7 char8

Batman Character Encyclopedia by Matthew K. Manning. 9781465444981. 2016. Grade 1-3.

Batman ’66: 3 by Jeff Parker. 9781401254629. 2015. Grade 5-8.

Justice League: Versus by Joe Sazaklis. 9780545890625. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Guide To The Caped Crusader/Man Of Steel by Liz Marsham. 9780545916271. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Wonder Woman At Super Hero High by Lisa Yee. 9781101940600. 2016. Grade 4-6.

The World According To Superman by Louise Simonson. 9781608874910. 2016.

Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia by Matt Forbeck. 9781465437891. 2015.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures 1 by Kenny Byerly. 9781614794592. 2016. Grade K-3.


Next, here are some titles directly related to their recent entertainment counterparts…

ant1 super1 super2 super3 super4 super5 super6

Ant-Man: The Junior Novel. 9780316256742. 2015. Grade 4-6.

Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles by Frank Miller. 9781401256982. 2015.

Guardians Of The Galaxy by Brian Michael Bendis. 9780785194002. 2015. Grade 8-Adult.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: The Junior Novel by Chris Wyatt. 9780316256445. 2015. Grade 4-6.

Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization by Marv Wolfman. 9781785651670. 08/09/2016.

Marvel’s Captain America Civil War: Avengers Declassified. 9780316271493. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Supergirl: Digital First. 9781401262655. 08/09/2016. Grade 7-Adult.


To round out the nonfiction, these titles look at superheros from different perspectives (science, fandom, etc.)…

non1 non2 non3 non4 non5 non6 non8

The Science Of Superheroes by Patricia Hutchinson. 9781680782516. 08/15/2016. Grade 3-6.

Soaring The Skies: Superman And The Science Of Flight by Tammy Enz. 9781515709138. 08/01/2016. Grade 2-5.

Science Behind Batman’s Ground Vehicles by Tammy Enz. 9781515720348. 2016. Grade K-3.

Art And Making Of The Flash by Abbie Bernstein. 9781785651267. 10/04/2016.

The Caped Crusader: Batman And The Rise Of Nerd Culture by Glen Weldon. 9781476756691. 2016.

100 Things Superman Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Joseph McCabe. 9781629371863. 2016.

Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life by Liesa Mignogna. 9781250043924. 2016. Grade 9-12.


For the younger crowd that may not be into the “branded” superheroes quite yet, here are some fun little romps about superheroes-in-general…

e1 e2 e3 e4

The Wolf Who Wanted To Be A Superhero by Eleonore Thuillier. 9782733843239. 09/13/2016. Grade PS-1.

Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman. 9780763686574. 2016. Grade PS-1.

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker. 9781454913948. 09/06/2016. Grade PS-3.

Superhero Instruction Manual by Kristy Dempsey. 9780385755351. 2016. Grade K-3.


Finally, these fiction titles are able to weave great stories and characters around the superhero paradigm…

fic1 fic2 fic3 fic4 fic5

Almost Super by Marion Jensen. 9780062209627. 2015. Grade 4-6.

School For Sidekicks by Kelly McCullough. 9781250079879. 08/02/2016. Grade 4-6.

Adventures Of A Wimpy Superhero by Tim Collins. 9781782434382. 10/01/2016. Grade 4-6.

My Brother Is A Superhero by David Solomons. 9780451474773. 2015. Grade 4-6.

V Is For Villain by Peter Moore. 9781423157496. 2014. Grade 7-12.


“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” (Batman)

“I’m always around” (Superman)

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