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I grew up reading the old Archie comics and seeing the escapades of Archie, Betty, and Veronica. So, of course when I saw that they were releasing new Archie comics that were updated with new stories lines and modern day characters I wanted to get my hands on it. However, I was skeptical that the authors and illustrators would be able to deliver that nostalgic feel that many people have of these characters. It was a huge relief when I saw at the end of Volume One of the new Archie comic that Mark Waid wrote an afterword titled “First, Do No Harm”, Waid says that these were the first words that he typed when he was pitching the idea of the Archie reboot. He knew that he wanted to keep these characters in their classic roles, but still updating these characters so they could relate to a new generation of readers, but also have old Archie lovers enjoy these comics.

Archie Vol 1First off, I think that Waid, Staples, Wu, and Fish did a fantastic job with this graphic novel and really brought out the characters for who they are. Archie is still a klutz, Jughead still loves his burgers, Betty is still the classic sweetheart, and Veronica (at least for now) is a stuck-up princess. Waid mentioned in the afterword that he really just wanted to dig deeper in these characters personalities and find new story lines that really showed them off. I think with the story lines created in the first volume he has the characters shining. The main story behind the first volume is the mystery of the “lipstick incident” that caused Archie and Betty to break up and not talk to each other. Chapter Four in Issue Two introduces Veronica and Archie falls head over heels for her, which infuriates Betty. The rest of the Issue are minor characters working the background trying to get Archie and Betty back together, but ultimately cause more headaches for Archie.

I would highly recommend this graphic novel for lovers of the classic comics AND readers who need to be introduced to these characters for the first time. The stories that Waid created has really brought these characters to life again and the art created for them shines.

Archie : Volume One by Mark Waid, Illustrated by Fiona Staples, Annie Wu, and Veronica Fish. 9781627388672. March 2016. Gr 9-12.

Archie : Volume Two by Mark Waid, Illustrated by Veronica Fish. 9781627387989. December 2016. Gr 9-12.

Jughead Vol 1I haven’t had a chance to read the full Jughead comic yet. I was only able to read the preview that is available at the end of the first volume, but this small preview has me itching to get my hands on the full copy of this graphic novel. The story looks like Jughead is in full form with his wit and love of food, as a new principal has been hired, and changed the cafeteria menu to nothing that Jughead approves of.

Jughead by Chip Zdarsky, Illustrated by Erica Henderson. 9781627388931. July 2016. Gr 9-12.



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