24 Hours or less

One day can change your life. Anything can happen if you keep yourself open to the possibilities.

sunisalsoastarIn The Sun is Also a Star, it is Natasha’s last day in the United States. She and her family are undocumented immigrants, and they are being deported. Natasha is determined to fight the deportation even though everyone says it’s hopeless. If this is going to be her last day in the United States, she’s not going to spend it packing. She’s going to spend it finding a way to stay. Natasha is a realist. She doesn’t believe things happen for a reason, and she isn’t the sort of person to take long shots. But today, she’s hoping for a miracle.

On that same day, Daniel is heading to a college admission interview to which he doesn’t even want to go when his train breaks down. Fate? Possibly. Daniel is the sort of person to believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe he’s right because if he hadn’t gotten off that train when he did, he would never have met Natasha.

The next twelve hours will change their lives forever, and regardless of whether you believe that it’s meant to be or it’s all a series of coincidences, it’s a romantic adventure that you won’t forget anytime soon. (9780553496697. Nov 2016. Gr. 9-12)

oddsoflightningIn The Odds of Lightning, one day three years ago changed a group of friends into people who once knew each other. Three years later, it’s the night before the SATs, and there’s a storm rolling in that’s supposed to be a big one. Would you stay home and study on a night that feels like the end of the world?

Tiny, Lu, Will, and Nathaniel each have a choice each face that choice, and they each end up at the Stormpocalypse party for different reasons. It isn’t until the four used-to-be friends find themselves locked on the roof of a New York City brownstone during the storm that the magic happens. In this case, literal magic. They only have twelve hours to figure out how to undo whatever has been done to them, which has them dashing through the city in the middle of a storm while they try to stay together and get answers.  The fast-paced adventure that propels the story of the night of the storm is interspersed with quieter chapters that slowly reveal what happened that one day three years ago that shifted the foursome’s friendship. The result is an engaging story for fans of magical realism. (9781481440530. Sept 2016. Gr. 9-12)

meetmehereMeet Me Here also starts with a party. It’s graduation night, and Thomas is supposed to show up at an army recruitment office the next morning to become a soldier just like his father was and his brother was.  But he isn’t going to.  He’s scared to death of not doing what is expected of him.  Maybe that’s why, when an old friend says  “it’s our graduation night, and we need to do something,” he agrees. It turns out that both of them are running from tomorrow, and the night turns into the one last adventure that both of them need in order to decide what they want next.  (9780062275387. May 2016. Gr. 9-12)

Even if they’ve never had one-day adventures like the ones in these books, teen readers will be drawn in to these fast-paced stories of love, romance, friendship, and coming of age.



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