To Boldly Go…


On September 8, 1966 (three years before Neil Armstrong took his “one small step for man”), a new TV show aired on NBC centering on the space adventures of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew.  It ran for two moderately successful seasons, was saved for a third by a ferocious fan letter-writing campaign, and then was cancelled with little fanfare.  Despite being ahead of its time (or perhaps because of it) the show never drew huge ratings and, when cancelled, the creators/actors never imagined returning to the material.


50 years later, the “Star Trek” franchise has spawned 13 films and four subsequent TV iterations (with a fifth on the way in January 2017!).  Clearly, that original series just needed a bit of time to percolate in the imagination of America.  Once we all “got it”, it was off and running!

So, in honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, here are a number of Trek-related titles that can inspire youngsters to “seek out new life and new civilizations”:

First, some titles that give an overview of the entire Star Trek phenomenon…

trek1 trek2 trek3 trek4

Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History by Robert Greenberger. 9780760349212. 2015.

Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary. 9781465403377. 2013.

Star Trek Book. 9781465450982. 2016.

Star Trek Encyclopedia by Michael Okuda. 9780062371324. 10/15/2016. Grade 7-Adult.


Next, some “deeper dives” exploring the cultural significance of Star Trek and its creators…

book book1 book2 book3 book4 book5 book6 book7 book8

Star Trek & American Television by Roberta Pearson. 9780520276215. 2014.

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek by Douglas Brode. 9781442249875. 2015.

Wit & Wisdom of Star Trek by Robb Pearlman. 9781604335644. 2015.

Starfleet Logbook by Jake Black. 9780399539534. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Star Trek: Costumes by Paula M. Block. 9781608875184. 2015.

Star Trek Psychology by Travis Langley. 9781454918424. 2016.

What Would Captain Kirk Do? by Brandon T. Snider. 9780399539541. 2016. Grade 4-6.

Gene Roddenberry: The Man Who Created Star Trek by Lance Parkin. 9781781314463. 2015.

Star Trek: The Official Guide To Our Universe by Andrew Fazekas. 9781426216527. 2016. Grade 9-Adult.


Star Trek is all about great stories, so these fiction titles feature the adventures of all the different characters/series throughout the years…

kirk1 kirk2 kirk3 kirk4 kirk5 kirk6 kirk7 kirk8 krik9

Autobiography of James T. Kirk. 9781783297481. 2016. Adult.

Star Trek Original Series: Weight Of Worlds by Greg Cox. 9781501146312. 2016. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek Next Generation: Takedown by John Jackson Miller. 9781476782713. 2015. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Force & Motion by Jeffrey Lang. 9781501110733. 2016. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek Voyager: Pocket Full Of Lies by Kirsten Beyer. 9781476790848. 2016. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek Online: Needs Of The Many by Michael A. Martin. 9781501130175. 2015.

Star Trek Enterprise: Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels. 9781501142796. 2015. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek: Into Darkness by Alan Dean Foster. 9781476734767. 2013. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek Legacies: Captain To Captain by Greg Cox. 9781501125294. 2016. Grade 7-Adult.


Finally, Star Trek graphic novels have become quite popular recently, most of them featuring stories from the new J.J. Abrams films…

star1 star2 star3 star4 517S9d58jkL

Star Trek: The Galileo Seven by Mike Johnson. 9781614791591. 2014. Grade 6-12.

Star Trek: New Adventures by Mike Johnson. 9781631401770. 2015.

Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness by Mike Johnson. 9781613776230. 2013. Grade 7-Adult.

Star Trek: The Movies. 9781785855924. 2016.

Star Trek Beyond. 9781785860096. 10/18/2016.


In Memoriam:

Leonard Nimoy; Mr. Spock (1931-2015)

spock1 spock2 spock3

Fascinating: The Life Of Leonard Nimoy by Richard Michelson. 9781101933305. 2016. Grade PS-3.

Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man by William Shatner. 9781250083319. 2016.

I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy. 9780316388375. 2015. Adult.


Anton Yelchin; Ensign Pavel Chekov (1989-2016)



IMG_1892 Zach K.

(Picture taken at the 50th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Minneapolis, MN this past month!)