Review: The Fixer Series

The FixerI don’t normally read realistic fiction, and definitely not political thrillers, but I had heard great things about The Fixer books by Jennifer Lynn Barn from multiple sources whose opinions I trust on book recommendations. The Fixer books follow Tess Kendrick who is uprooted from her home with her grandfather, but when he starts to develop memory problems, she is moved to Washington D.C. to live with her sister Ivy Kendrick. Ivy immediately enrolls Tess in the prestigious Hardwicke School where DC’s elite children go to school.  Tess quickly learns that Ivy’s career in DC is known as a Fixer and as part of the job she “fixes” the problems for powerful people in DC. Tess’ fellow students being to associate Tess with her sister and come to her to fix their problems once she helps the vice-president’s daughter deal with a situation regarding intimate pictures. When Emilia Rhodes comes to Tess to make sure her brother, Asher doesn’t get into any further trouble she gets involved into a conspiracy involving selecting a new Supreme Court Justice. When a few elite people begin dying in suspicious circumstances readers get pulled along with Tess into a whirlwind scenario that seems like it could happen in news headlines today.

The Long GameThe Long Game starts right off in the action in the first few chapters when a terrorist group bombs a DC hospital and there is a shooting and the death of a student at Tess’ school. When the terrorist group creates a hostage situation at Hardwicke, everything that Tess knew and who she trusted is thrown out the window and it will be up to Tess to prevent more death at Hardwicke. It was hard to think that the second book in a series could be more pulse pounding than the first, but I think The Long Game has won for action and mystery, so far in this series. While Tess does live an upper scale part of DC, I found her decisions and reactions to some traumatic events very realistic. The ending of this book has me itching for the next book in The Fixer series.

The action in these books is non-stop and while I was doubtful before picking up these books that I could be invested into a political thriller, the first book blew away any doubts I had about this series. Tess is a character that you are easily able to root for and readers are fed little clues as Tess finds out more information throughout the book that you can’t stop turning the pages. All the minor characters throughout the book play their own roles in the mystery and how Tess unravels everything. There are currently only the two books in the series, but The Long Game ends with a lot of open doors with more action in store for Tess. I really hope that Jennifer Lynn Barnes plans to write more books in this series and I would strongly encourage any reader, no matter which genre you enjoy, to pick up these books.

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. 9781619635944. July 2015. Gr 9-12.

The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. 9781619635968. June 2016. Gr 9-12.


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