President Squid Giveaway — Contest Closed

If you missed Aaron Reynolds guest post yesterday about Making Author Visits Unforgettable, we hope you will take a moment to read it because it has some great ideas for teachers or librarians who want to give their next author visit extra memorable for your students.  We especially appreciated the enthusiasm for school visits from Reynolds. He wrote: presidentsquid

“There is something absolutely magical and transformative (on both sides) about an author being able to connect with kids in person. Author visits do much more than entertain or fill a vacant assembly slot. At their best, they inspire kids about reading, filling them with the kind of enthusiasm for books that is usually reserved for their favorite video game or sports team. They turn non-readers into readers and readers into book-eating machines.”

We have 3 copies of President Squid by Aaron Reynolds to give away!

Enter your name and email in the form below by 9 a.m. on Thursday, September 29th for a chance to win. Three winners will be selected by a random number generator and contacted by email on Thursday morning.