Take Me Out To The Ball…Park

Sports teams have a habit of being wildly inconsistent from year to year.  Sometimes they win big…sometimes they occupy the cellar.  The one thing that stays relatively constant, however, is each team’s stadium experience.  As a child–before you know the players or the terminology–the stadium is likely your introduction to professional sports, marveling at how each exists in its own little ecosystem.  In recent years, it has been a “bucket list” goal of mine to see a game at every major league baseball stadium (I’m up to seven at this point, so I have a ways to go!)

Here in Minnesota, we have been spoiled by stadiums this decade, what with Target Field (home of Twins baseball) opening in 2010 and U.S. Bank Stadium (home of Vikings football) having just debuted this month:

twins1 vikings1

Target Field: The New Home Of The Minnesota Twins by Steve Berg. 9780760339657. 2010. Grade 10-Adult.

U.S. Bank Stadium: The New Home Of The Minnesota Vikings by Steve Berg. 9781681340159. 11/1/2016.

Interesting stadiums exist in different states and countries across the world, so here are some titles that showcase those landmarks:

stad1 stad2 stad3 stad4 stad5 stad6

Stadiums & Coliseums by Carla Mooney. 9781634304177. 2016. Grade 3-6.

Stadiums by Rebecca Pettiford. 9781620312148. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Football Stadiums by Lew Freedman. 9781770852174. 2013.

Greatest Stadiums by Clive Gifford. 9780750295703. 12/6/2016. Grade 4-6.

STEM In Sports: Engineering by Tim Newcomb. 9781422232316. 2015.

Bird’s Nest: How Did They Build That? by Ramandeep Kaur. 9781629205618. 2016. Grade 4-7.

Baseball stadiums (“ballparks” in the vernacular) are the most romanticized of all the stadium types, so they get their own section here…

ball1 ball2 ball3 ball4 ball5 ball6

Ballpark by Eileen R. Meyer. 9781477847190. 2014. Grade K-3.

Ballparks: Then & Now by Eric Enders. 9781626864719. 2015. Grade 11-Adult.

The Amazing Baseball Adventure: Ballpark Wonders… by Josh Pahigian. 9781493025077. 2/1/2017.

Remembering Yankee Stadium by Harvey Frommer. 9781630761554. 2016.

500 Ballparks: From Wooden Seats To Retro Classics by Eric Pastore. 9781770857513. 10/7/2016.

The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip: A Fan’s Guide To Major League Stadiums by Josh Pahigian. 9780762773404. 2012. Grade 10-Adult.

Finally, some fun/quirky titles about everything from working at stadiums to speaking the lingo while enjoying a game…

fun1 fun2 fun3 fun4 fun5 fun6 fun7

Going To A Stadium by Rebecca Rissman. 9781432960698. 2012. Grade PS-1.

Guarding The Super Bowl Stadium by Elizabeth Weitzman. 9781503808140. 2016. Grade 2-5.

Dream Jobs In Stadium And Sports Facility Operations by Kathy Furgang. 9781477775295. 2015. Grade 7-12.

Sports Arena & Event Management by Jim Gigliotti. 9781422232668. 2015. Grade 6-8.

How To Speak Baseball: An Illustrated Guide To Ballpark Banter by James Charlton. 9781452126456. 2014. Grade 11-Adult.

Mo Smells The Ballpark by Margaret Hyde. 9781628736687. 2014. Grade PS-K.

Derek Jeter Presents: Night At The Stadium by Phil Bildner. 9781481426558. 2016. Grade K-2.


(Enjoying a Dodger Dog with my brother at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles earlier this year!)