Illustrated STEM Series for Younger Learners

Are you trying to introduce more STEM themed topics? Do you have students that are reluctant to pick up a nonfiction book? If so, these eye-catching new series would be great additions to your classroom or school library!

The What’s Beneath series by Picture Window Books takes a look under everyday systems to uncover the mechanics involved in making them run efficiently. Readers will learn about the hidden parts they often don’t get to see along with how these pieces must work in unison in order to operate the system as a whole. This series is guaranteed to challenge students to look closer at the systems they use in their daily lives and question, “what’s going on under there?”

Peeking Under the City by Esther Porter and Andres Lozano (ill.) 9781479586653. Gr 2-4
Peeking Under the Hood by Esther Porter and Andres Lozano (ill.) 9781479586677. Gr 2-4

Another great series is the Adventures in Science series by Amicus Publishing. Each title starts out by asking the reader a question: …do you really want to yell in a cave? …do you really want to burn your toast? Before the book even opens readers will test their prior knowledge and begin predicting what the answer might be. The blend of creative illustrations and interesting facts give students a unique perspective on some of the most common science topics; light, sound, heat, and weather.

Do You Really Want to Yell in a Cave? by Daniel Maurer and Teresa Alberini (ill.) 9781607539568. Gr 2-4.
Do You Really Want to Burn Your Toast? by Daniel Maurer and Teresa Alberini (ill.) 9781607539612 . Gr 2-4

Minnesota’s own Meteorologist, Belinda Jensen has teamed up with Millbrook Press to create the adorable science series, Bel The Weather Girl. There are times when the weather disrupts our activities and can even seem a little scary. Bel puts her friends at ease as she explains the science behind the weather in a fun and simplistic way.

Raindrops on a Roller Coaster: Hail by Belinda Jensen and Renee Kurilla (ill.) 9781467779586. Gr PS-3.
A Party for Clouds: Thunderstorms by Belinda Jensen and Renee Kurilla (ill.) 9781467779593. Gr PS-3.

In the series, Leaders Doing Headstands, we get a sneak peek at what some very famous people were doing as children. Can you imagine Thomas Edison feeding someone worms? How about Amelia Earhart building a roller coaster? These picture book biographies are a fun way for students to relate to some of history’s most important people.

When Thomas Edison Fed Somone Worms by Mark Weakland and Thomas Radcliffe (ill.) 9781479596836. Gr 2-5
When Amelia Earhart Built a Roller Coaster by Mark Weakland and Oksana Grivina (ill.) 9781479596867. Gr 2-5


Blogger: Lisa K