Walking in a Winter Wonderland

With the first snowfall upon us this year it’s hard not to revert back to those days as a child- bouncing up and down, excited to get outside and jump into new piles of snow. Here in Minnesota we are fortunate to be able to send our students outside to explore this seasonal change, but what about the students who never see snow? Whether or not snow falls in your neighborhood, the stories and activities below will make every classroom feel like a Winter Wonderland!

Wonderful Winter, by Bruce Goldstone offers the perfect variety of winter facts, stunning photographs, and sensory rich descriptions of all things winter. Also included are some hands-on winter activities with easy to understand directions for students of all ages.


Samson in the Snow by Philip Stead is a story about Samson, a very sweet but lonely wooly mammoth in need of a friend. When Samson wakes encircled by a snow storm he sets out to find a little red bird who he thinks might be in trouble. During his journey he not only saves the bird but finds a new friend or two along the way!


Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow by Sharon Gibson Palermo pairs rhythmic and repetitious text with beautiful cut-paper illustrations that teach students where woodland animals disappear to during the winter months.


Bunny Slopes, by Claudia Rueda is an interactive book that will have students tilting, turning, shaking, and jumping the pages in order to help little bunny safely get to the bottom of the ski hill.


In the book Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Tim Hopgood brings the classic song lyrics to life with gorgeous illustrations of a family enjoying a winter day in the woods. Colorful music notes dance across the pages while forest animals peek out from their winter hideaways to catch a glimpse of the family fun.



Easy recipes for making your own classroom-friendly snow:

Snow Paint:  Mix together equal parts liquid glue and shaving cream.  Add  some glitter and peppermint extract for more fun.  Use mixture to puff paint snowy winter scenes!

Sensory Snow: Mix four parts baking soda to 1 part conditioner.  Place snow in a sensory table with shovels and scoops for a fun sensory activity that smells good too!

Snow Dough:  Add desired amount of corn starch to your bowl.  Slowly add lotion until your dough is the consistency you prefer.  Refridgerate both corn starch and lotion the night before for a dough that is cooler to the touch.


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