New Dystopian Fiction

 As I was preparing for the presentation at the ITEM Conference I was reading many new speculative teen fiction. These are three of my favorite Dystopian/Science Fiction titles that I came across and also presented at the conference. I hope you or the students reading it will enjoy these titles as much as I have and I will be looking forward to their sequels (at least with two of the titles included).

the-forgettingIn Canaan the entire city forgets their memories every twelve years. Their journals are their most prized and private possessions and allows them the chance to start over every Forgetting, which Nadia’s own father has done. Nadia remembers everything from before the Forgetting twelve years ago and the next is quickly approaching. Nadia loves adventure and enjoys going over the city’s walls to scavenge for food and figure out why their city needs walls for protection. Gray, the glassblower’s song blackmails her to bring him over the city’s walls with her; eventually their adventures bring them closer together amidst the secrets they keep from one another.   They ultimately discover a mysterious door in a mountain it begins a series events that brings them closer to the truth of the Forgetting. This book is fast-paced and doesn’t let up with the mystery until it’s wrapped up in the last few pages. This is a stand-alone novel in a sea of trilogies and readers can look forward to everything being answered by the end.

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron. 9780545945219. Sept 2016. Gr 7-12.

this-savage-songKate Harker is the daughter of the ruthless leader of the North side of Verity, Callum Harker. She wants to prove to her father that she is strong and brave enough to live in Verity with the monsters. Any violent action performed in one of the 10 territories of America has a reaction and forms a monster; the more violent the action performed the more deadly of the monster that appears. One of three existing Sunai, a monster who can steal a soul with a song, is August Flynn who is the “son” of Henry Flynn, the leader of the South side of Verity. Kate and August are thrust together as a group of monsters tries to kill Kate and tries to make it look like August was at fault and they make it their common goal to find out who is after them. This is just the first book in a trilogy and the ending of this book leaves plenty of open questions for the next two books.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. 9780062380852. July 2016. Gr 9-12.

a-shadow-brightHenrietta is the first female sorcerer and is said to be the Prophesied One who will defeat the Ancients, huge demons that terrorize Victorian London.  However, as Henrietta starts her training she finds that her magic doesn’t work the same as her fellow sorcerer’s and she eventually discovers that she is actually a magician. This is a dangerous discovery because magicians are seen as evil and corrupt, but in secret she is trained to use her magician abilities to meet the expectations of the prophecy. When the attacks by the Ancients on London become more frequent and deadly and the protective force field around London starts to weaken, Henrietta knows she must prove herself and all the eyes watching her that she can defeat these demons. The historical fantasy/dystopian world created by Cluess has a full mix of mystery, action, romance, and magic that is sure to be a hit with readers and give them a lot to look forward to with the next book.

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess. 9780553535907. Sept 2016. Gr 7-12.


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