Firefighters & Fire Safety

We have a fire station about two blocks from our house. When my boys were little, we occasionally walked to the fire station, hoping to see a firefighter or at least peek through the windows at the big fire trucks. When I was a daycare provider, I would schedule a time when a firefighter could be there to open the big doors, show us the trucks and his equipment, and explain what to do in a fire.

Firefighters are special people. They are strong and brave. And they run into fires. Is there anything more to say? Well, yes.

My older son Alex is a paramedic in Kansas City, Missouri, which can be a dangerous job. He rides in a truck (ambulance) that races through the city’s streets, sometimes into threatening situations. And though I worry about him, I’m also very proud.

Last fall Alex attended the fire academy in Kansas City, and I learned what is involved in training a firefighter.  Merely getting into the academy requires passing a rigorous physical test; about twenty people took the test when Alex did, but only five or six passed.

These trainees have to be pretty smart. During training, they learn about different types of fires and how to fight each one while keeping themselves safe. They learn how to race the big fire trucks through city streets. They learn how to find their way out of a smoky building. They learn how to rescue people.

The trainees also have to be strong. They practice their skills every day and work on their physical fitness, which includes climbing 49 flights of stairs (that’s flights, not steps) several times a week.

My son is still a paramedic, but he is also a firefighter. And while many occupations require people to be strong and smart, firefighters must be able to do one thing that is not required in many others. They race into danger. They climb to the tops of buildings that have been hit by jet planes. They drop into forest fires. They run into burning buildings. They are exceptionally brave.

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