Summer is (almost) here again!

For many, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. It is an exciting, energy filled couple of weeks for students and teachers still in school. When I taught, it was the time of year I finally began to look up from my work and make some plans for my summer. (Have I mentioned I tend to procrastinate?)

When I planned out my summer break, there were always so many things that I wanted to accomplish. When I received new novels for my classroom library, they were almost always immediately added to my long list of books that I wanted to read in the summer “when I had more time.” And guess what? I barely made a dent in my reading list each year.

This is not a new phenomenon for me. In fact, I have been intending to read approximately 50 books every summer since about third grade. Sadly, there were many times that other activities fell higher on my list of priorities.

This happens to our students as well. It can have an impact on their education. The infamous summer slide can affect children, and studies show that it can have a larger impact on children from low-income families. According to authors of the article “Summers: Some are Reading, Some are Not! It Matters,” “Recreational, pleasure-seeking, leisure reading should be the focus of guidance offered in summer reading approaches.”

Help students make reading a priority throughout the summer. Tell them about fun, engaging books that they won’t be able to forget about until they read.


Pignic by Matt Phelan 9780062443397. 2018. PS-1.
Boy and the Whale by Mordicai Gerstein 9781626725058. 2017. PS-2.
Summer Supper by Rubin Pfeffer 9781524714642. 2018. PS-2.
There Might Be Lobsters by Carolyn Crimi 9780763675424. 2017. PS-2.
They Say Blue by Jillian Tamaki 9781419728518. 2018. PS-2.
Kings of the Castle by Victoria Turnbull 9780763692957. 2017. PS-2.
And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner 9780763660710. 2017. PS-3.
The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read by Curtis Manley 9781481435697. 2016. K-2.
How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk 9780425291986. 2018. PS-3.


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