About the Company:

Mackin Educational Resources provides high-quality library and classroom materials to PK-12 schools and public libraries around the world, including books, ebooks, DVDs, audiobooks, educational software, online databases and more.  Mackin also has the largest PK-12 database of titles in the country, as well as providing free collection analysis and collection development services.  These services include recommended title lists customized for each collection and created by real librarians.

About the Blog:

We all love books, so this is a space to talk about them in a creative and fun way!  All the titles you see in these posts are ones we either personally recommend or feel would be a good fit for a library collection (no negative reviews here!).

The links in each post will bring you to Mackin.com, where you can either create a new account (a very short process) or login to your existing account to see the title.  Your registration information will never be revealed or transferred to a third-party.  It will only be used for login purposes or to automatically sign you up for the email newsletter. You can remove your name from the email list by sending an email to editor@mackin.com.