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Nonfiction Children’s Books: Women In Science


When I took my 12-year-old son to the sports medicine doctor for a check-up on his broken ankle, Max was told he had to continue to wear the boot another 10 days. On the car ride home, my son said “Mom, why didn’t you schedule the appointment with a woman doctor? Women doctors seem to know more. That guy doesn’t know that my ankle is healed and I don’t need to wear the boot anymore.” I smiled at him with agreement and said “Yes! Sometimes women do know more than men.” In honor of Women’s History Month, here are several books about women in science that will inspire the children in your life.

Realistic Children’s Fiction: Loss and Grief, Death and Dying


Grief and loss is a topic that is difficult to talk about with children. How do you explain death and dying to your young child?  This is a contemporary problem that is relevant… Continue reading

It was a Book before it was a Movie


Books allow us to go beyond the movie, to dig deeper with more details shared by the author. They also give readers more opportunities to use their imaginations.