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Diverse Graphic Novels


A few months ago I received a request to search for graphic novels with  diverse characters. In my searching, I was surprised by the lack of titles with this criteria, especially with the… Continue reading

Bicycles, Books, and Service Learning (Oh my)


    While splashing through rain puddles, running errands, and joining in group rides—all month long I’ve been pedaling through my pledge to ride my bicycle each and every day of April. It’s called… Continue reading

The Truth Is In Here…


A look at the “X-Files: Origins” YA series, as well as some other fun paranormal/supernatural offerings… Zach K.

Frame & Canvas: Art in Teen Fiction


Art is a powerful force. It can connect us to our past, ground us in our present, and create change in the world. Some of my favorite YA novels have shared the healing… Continue reading

Adult Crossover Nonfiction for High Schools


I promised a list of adult nonfiction to suggest to high school readers (or their teachers) to go with the post on crossover fiction.  All of these titles can be read for interest,… Continue reading

Adult Crossover Fiction for High Schools


When I was in high school (my boys will claim that was during the Stone Age), YA literature did not exist—except for a few early titles like S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. So when… Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Retold


There has been a recent influx of fairy tale retellings coming across my desk. As you may already know from my previous posts, I get all of the fantasy ARCs sent to Mackin… Continue reading

Buzzing into Spring: Books for a Classroom Project on Bees


As spring is approaching (a little too soon in Minnesota this year), I can’t help but imagine the project-based learning activities I’d love to do with students if I could magically buzz back… Continue reading

Bios: The Ones Your Students WANT To Read!

by Zach K.

Best Friends Forever


I love a good friendship story. From picture books to teen fiction and everything in between, I have a particular weakness for the stories that portray deep and lasting friendships. I brought this… Continue reading