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Buzzing into Spring: Books for a Classroom Project on Bees


As spring is approaching (a little too soon in Minnesota this year), I can’t help but imagine the project-based learning activities I’d love to do with students if I could magically buzz back… Continue reading

Bios: The Ones Your Students WANT To Read!

by Zach K.

Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Upper ES/MS Fiction


One of my favorite things about my job here at Mackin is receiving advance reader copies (ARCs) from our publishers. In fact, the last cart of books brought to my desk contains ARCS… Continue reading

On Being the New Kid


It isn’t easy to be the new kid. I know that from personal experience. I attended six different schools in five states before 7th grade, so there was a part of me that… Continue reading

New Year…New Format!


From politics (Trump, Brexit) to sports (Olympics, Cubbies winning World Series) and everything in between, 2016 was an interesting year, to say the least.  As the calendar turns to 2017 and people are… Continue reading

Tracey’s Favorite 2016 Nonfiction


I love nonfiction! And 2016 has seen so many wonderful nonfiction titles for young readers. Here are some of my favorites—and though my nonfiction TBR list is quite lengthy, I’m always looking for… Continue reading

Tracey’s Favorite 2016 Fiction


So many books, so little space in a blog post! These are my favorite fiction titles from 2016, which makes this a highly personal list. I like to read books in almost every… Continue reading

Going Rogue


In case you hadn’t heard (ha…yeah right!), another chapter in the Star Wars saga will be revealed in theaters tomorrow… Though not an “official” episode (the ones featuring the iconic Roman numerals), this… Continue reading



Recently, I have been fascinated by the television show “Westworld”, which describes a future world where robotics & artificial intelligence have advanced to the point of making the cybernetic beings indistinguishable from the… Continue reading

Exploring Immigration


Immigrant. Refugee. Migrant. If you follow current events, you hear these words a lot.  But perhaps we don’t stop to think about them.  Francesca Sanna writes in the author’s note of her picture… Continue reading