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Get Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse!


This year’s total solar eclipse on August 21 is a big deal! It will be the first time a total solar eclipse has occurred from coast to coast in the United States since… Continue reading

The Write Way


Without great writing, the types of quality titles that Mackin and other book publishers/sellers put out on a consistent basis would not exist. As such, this Spark Post looks at the importance of… Continue reading

Finding Hope In Ashes: A Guest Post From Laurie Halse Anderson


In 2008 & 2010, author Laurie Halse Anderson released the first two historical fiction novels of the Seeds of America trilogy: Chains & Forge. Just recently (late 2016), the finale of the series–Ashes–was… Continue reading

Diverse Graphic Novels


A few months ago I received a request to search for graphic novels with  diverse characters. In my searching, I was surprised by the lack of titles with this criteria, especially with the… Continue reading

Bicycles, Books, and Service Learning (Oh my)


    While splashing through rain puddles, running errands, and joining in group rides—all month long I’ve been pedaling through my pledge to ride my bicycle each and every day of April. It’s called… Continue reading

The Truth Is In Here…


A look at the “X-Files: Origins” YA series, as well as some other fun paranormal/supernatural offerings… Zach K.

Buzzing into Spring: Books for a Classroom Project on Bees


As spring is approaching (a little too soon in Minnesota this year), I can’t help but imagine the project-based learning activities I’d love to do with students if I could magically buzz back… Continue reading

Bios: The Ones Your Students WANT To Read!

by Zach K.

Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Upper ES/MS Fiction


One of my favorite things about my job here at Mackin is receiving advance reader copies (ARCs) from our publishers. In fact, the last cart of books brought to my desk contains ARCS… Continue reading

On Being the New Kid


It isn’t easy to be the new kid. I know that from personal experience. I attended six different schools in five states before 7th grade, so there was a part of me that… Continue reading