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Loving vs. Virginia: An Author/Illustrator/Editor Interview


In June of 1958, Virginians Richard Loving (a white man) and his bride-to-be Mildred Jeter (a black woman) went to Washington, D.C. to be married.  The reason? Interracial marriage in the state of Virginia… Continue reading

Trail-blazing Women in Picture Books


I would venture to guess that Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman.  (Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own) Though this quote is a favorite of… Continue reading

Bicycles, Books, and Service Learning (Oh my)


    While splashing through rain puddles, running errands, and joining in group rides—all month long I’ve been pedaling through my pledge to ride my bicycle each and every day of April. It’s called… Continue reading

Adult Crossover Nonfiction for High Schools


I promised a list of adult nonfiction to suggest to high school readers (or their teachers) to go with the post on crossover fiction.  All of these titles can be read for interest,… Continue reading

Bios: The Ones Your Students WANT To Read!

by Zach K.

Teaching Picture Books in MS/HS


As someone who has only taught secondary education, I can’t help but see every book through that middle school/high school lens…even picture books. And, oh how fun it is! As an adult, I… Continue reading

Picture Book Biographies


As a child, I loved biographies. I especially remember that my very small school had a series of chapter book biographies with orange covers, and I read them all. They were great tales… Continue reading

Using Memoirs in the Secondary Classroom


If I could have one lasting impact on the world, it would be to spread a deep understanding of others, which I believe would undoubtedly grow compassion. If we understood every aspect of… Continue reading

Summer + Water = Fun!


As a youngster, my June-August months were spent at my grandparents’ lake cabin (pictured above) in the little north-MN town of Aitkin, MN.  While “the cabin” offered a variety of activities in which… Continue reading

How You Play The Game(s)


Not long ago, fellow blogger Anna featured some videogame-centric titles in this post.  While reading that entry, it really got me thinking about some of the great memories I also experienced as a… Continue reading