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Bios: The Ones Your Students WANT To Read!

by Zach K.

Class Novel: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


Aspects of a great class (or group/book club) read: Strong themes Intriguing discussion points Tough aspects of life faced by teens daily Multi-cultural Page-turner As I was recently devouring Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything,… Continue reading

New Year…New Format!


From politics (Trump, Brexit) to sports (Olympics, Cubbies winning World Series) and everything in between, 2016 was an interesting year, to say the least.  As the calendar turns to 2017 and people are… Continue reading

Tracey’s Favorite 2016 Nonfiction


I love nonfiction! And 2016 has seen so many wonderful nonfiction titles for young readers. Here are some of my favorites—and though my nonfiction TBR list is quite lengthy, I’m always looking for… Continue reading

Going Rogue


In case you hadn’t heard (ha…yeah right!), another chapter in the Star Wars saga will be revealed in theaters tomorrow… Though not an “official” episode (the ones featuring the iconic Roman numerals), this… Continue reading

Steve Sheinkin and Jim Thorpe Defeat a Non-Sports Reader


When people find out I’m a librarian or that I work at Mackin, one of their first questions is often “What book would my kids like?” Now, I like to read almost everything,… Continue reading



Recently, I have been fascinated by the television show “Westworld”, which describes a future world where robotics & artificial intelligence have advanced to the point of making the cybernetic beings indistinguishable from the… Continue reading

Exploring Immigration


Immigrant. Refugee. Migrant. If you follow current events, you hear these words a lot.  But perhaps we don’t stop to think about them.  Francesca Sanna writes in the author’s note of her picture… Continue reading

Teaching Picture Books in MS/HS


As someone who has only taught secondary education, I can’t help but see every book through that middle school/high school lens…even picture books. And, oh how fun it is! As an adult, I… Continue reading

Best Of: Historical Fiction & Social Studies Favorites


Not long ago, I presented some booktalks at the annual ITEM (Information & Technology Educators of Minnesota) conference in Minnesota.  My areas this year included Historical Fiction & Social Studies titles for the… Continue reading