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Series Review: Both Sides of the Story


Animal Rights by Patience Coster. 2012. 9781448871841. Gr. 5-8. Arab-Israeli Conflict by Nicola Barber. 2012. 9781448871834. Gr. 5-8. Cloning and Genetic Engineering by Nicola Barber. 2012. 9781448871872. Gr. 5-8. Death Penalty by Nicola… Continue reading

More Food for Thought


Last spring, I offered up some Food for Thought  with three titles about where food comes from and why that matters.  Now I have a few more titles that will prove that “food… Continue reading

Fascinating Science Series for Middle School Boys


In an article entitled The Gross and the Gory: Making a Reading Connection with Boys, it says: “Boys are looking to be engaged in reading. They want to read fun books that they… Continue reading